Weekly Analysis

My weekly analysis: here I share my analysis with you so that you can grab more opportunities according to the direction of the market. Please do not go full-margin. I am on a high time frame (D1), so when you trade, make sure that if you take a loss, you will come back from the loss you will take. Let us do the right thing when we are trading in order to see improvement, but if you trade to become millionaires in a minute, you are not going to make it. I will keep sharing my analysis here on my side; you must visit it now, and then sometimes I will also share signals, but I trade mostly on higher time frames. Do not forget to place a Stop Loss; don’t make that mistake. Let us check the analysis below.

To learn more about my trading style, make sure you check out my course here on my website. Here’s the link ForexDreamChasers Course. Remember the importance of trading in a longer time frame; you will know the directions of the market and make decisions based on the direction when you take a trade. I share things to observe before you take a trade. Trade information is available in my eBook Forex Secret For Beginners.

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