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Change the way you approach the market for better results. The pattern or strategy that you are using must be tested several times to prove that it is working. Should it happen that your strategy was tested and you follow the rules but do not make money. Change the way you approach the market and the pattern or strategy as well for better results. Losing your hard-earned money is not nicer, especially in our economy.

Things to do before you take a trade. Always remember and focus on your strategy or pattern. It is important to know what you are doing in the market. If you fail to do that, you are not going to make money. You will find yourself taking losses that you could’ve prevented. The reason why many people take losses now and then is because they want to see themselves making money. Reality that is not what you should do unless you’re scalping. When you open your chart, you specifically look for the formation of your strategy or pattern. Then you notice that your pattern or strategy is not fully formed, and then you decide to buy or sell. If your pattern or strategy is not fully formed, the higher the chance that you will take a loss.

When you strictly stick to the rules of your strategy or pattern, you increase the chance of being profitable in the market. The biggest key to becoming profitable in the market is knowing what you are doing and also knowing when to buy and when to sell, and then you are done. I mentioned this information in my eBook Forex Secret For Beginners. I would advise you to get the eBook and read it more than twice to get a better understanding. When you trade, you need to pay attention to everything that is happening, that has happened. Check your left side, or, let me say, the past information or history. History is everything that you need in the market, last month’s information will have an impact on the current price. I will make a video where I explain more information about our left-hand side of the chart. Check out this video

Weekly Analysis

My weekly analysis: here I share my analysis with you so that you can grab more opportunities according to the direction of the market. Please do not go full-margin. I am on a high time frame (D1), so when you trade, make sure that if you take a loss, you will come back from the loss you will take. Let us do the right thing when we are trading in order to see improvement, but if you trade to become millionaires in a minute, you are not going to make it. I will keep sharing my analysis here on my side; you must visit it now, and then sometimes I will also share signals, but I trade mostly on higher time frames. Do not forget to place a Stop Loss; don’t make that mistake. Let us check the analysis below.

To learn more about my trading style, make sure you check out my course here on my website. Here’s the link ForexDreamChasers Course. Remember the importance of trading in a longer time frame; you will know the directions of the market and make decisions based on the direction when you take a trade. I share things to observe before you take a trade. Trade information is available in my eBook Forex Secret For Beginners.

Importance of being patients in forex

In the context of forex (foreign exchange), the term “patient” refers to a trading strategy or pattern. Being patient in forex trading involves waiting for the right opportunities to enter or exit trades instead of making impulsive decisions. Patience helps traders avoid emotional reactions to market fluctuations and stick to their predetermined strategies, leading to more disciplined and potentially profitable trading.
Using patience to your advantage in forex involves several key aspects.

  1. Wait for clear signals
    Patience allows you to wait for clear and well-defined signals in the market. This might involve technical indicators, chart patterns, or fundamental factors aligning to indicate a high-probability trade. When you are trading, make sure that you trade something that you know for a fact that it is working 90% accurately and that you have back-tested your strategy before you can take a decision to say no. This is what I will be using in my trading career. When you trade a potential continuation pattern (PCP), wait for the market to come back and test it before you sell or buy. That is to be patient.
  2. Avoiding Impulsive Actions Impulsive actions often lead to poor decisions in forex trading. By being patient, you can resist the urge to act on short-term market fluctuations and avoid entering trades based on emotions rather than analysis. Do not base a decision on your feelings. If you look at a down trend and then you want to jump in just to catch a few candlesticks going down and make money, that is very wrong. Rather, wait for the patterns or strategy that you are trading and then take a trade whenever your pattern is fully formed. Avoid running after trades as well. Once you notice that you missed an entry level, don’t jump in; instead, look for another opportunity that will increase your chances of getting the right trades. To avoid making mistakes take my course it is currently cheap it will benefit you big time FOREX COURSE
  3. Disciplined Execution Patience contributes to the disciplined execution of your trading plan. This means sticking to your predetermined entry and exit points, as well as managing risk effectively. Deviating from a well-thought-out plan can lead to unnecessary losses. Discipline comes in with the strategy or patterns that you are using, and once you fail to follow the rules or your strategy or patterns, the results will not be correct, and I am definitely sure that you were not expecting the results at all.
  4. Long-Term Perspective Patience encourages a long-term perspective in forex trading. Instead of focusing on short-term gains, you can ride out temporary market fluctuations with confidence in your overall strategy, especially if it’s based on a thorough analysis. That is why I always recommend people use a longer time frame to get accurate trades. 4H D1 will give you the giraffe view so that you can prepare for whatever is coming miles away. Learn to use a high time frame, and you will thank me.
  5. Risk Management Patient traders are often more effective in implementing proper risk management strategies. They don’t succumb to the fear of missing out (FOMO) and risk more than they can afford to lose. This contributes to long-term sustainability in trading. Risk what you are willing to lose; do not risk more than what you have. What you see on social media is not the right information. I swear you should try it and see how fast you blow your account. Avoid holding losses by all means and make sure that you trade according to your plan. Do not create opportunities that are not there; you will have challenges and you will blow your account easily. Check this video on my YouTube channel and do not forget to subscribe

Remember, patience doesn’t mean inaction. It means waiting for the right opportunities and executing your trades with a calm and rational mindset. Successful forex trading often requires a combination of patience, discipline, and a well-defined strategy. Best broker that I recommend is 360 Capital

Risk Disclaimer

It may not be appropriate for all investors to trade foreign exchange on margin due to the high level of risk involved. Results in the past may not guarantee future success. Both good and bad things can come from having so much leverage. You should carefully evaluate your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance before opting to make a foreign exchange investment. It is possible for you to lose all or part of your initial investment; therefore, you shouldn’t put money into investments that you can’t afford to lose