Best price action for 2023. One of the best pattern you need to learn, this patterns are all over your charts. With price action you can trade anything in the market, make sure you learn price action. Currencies respect price action, indices respect price action, volatilities respect price action including stocks. Make it your priority to learn how to trade using price action. Today I want you to go and study price action. Learn how to trade using it without the use of indicators. That will increase your chance of learning very fast and becoming profitable. Let us jump in and check the best price action patterns for 2023.

Best Price Action patterns

This patterns needs attention if you want to master them you need to go extra mile for them. The best way for you to learn is to go and practice with your demo account to see if you are able to find them very simple and easy. That will also help you see if your strategy is corrector not. Before you jump in, if you haven’t bought my eBook it is your chance now. Forex Secret For Beginners go read this eBook it will help you big time.

The first pattern is Supply and Demand and Trendlines with potential continuation patterns PCP. This are the best price action patterns for 2023. Learn this patterns it will help you.


How to find supply and demand. Look for support and resistance after you check the new trend if it has supply and demand then you mark it with your instrument so that you don’t forget it when the price return to the supply and demand. The simplest way to understand supply and demand is to know that it is located in the beginning of a new trend.

The above picture is our Supply, always check if your supply is in the beginning of a new trend. If it is not located where mine is located it is not supply. We sell on Supply and buy on Demand. Go to your Mt4/5 or tradeview and start looking for supply. Keep going back to back test if you don’t understand come back and leave a comment I will be happy to help you.

This is our Demand zone make sure that you look for demand zone in the beginning of a new trend. This is located next to the support, you must know that when you see a demand you have to buy that is always the case.


I always preach about trendlines, so now I am not gonna go deeper instead I will leave a link to a video on YouTube where I talk about Trendlines This video will help you. Don’t forget to subscribe.

Potential Continuation Patterns

A potential continuation pattern show continuation in the trend If the market is going down the price will pause for a while then it will continue. Now where the price paused is a zone that you need to check in future. I always say people need to learn more about PCPs so that trading will be very simple for them because you can make a lot of money trading PCPs. Patterns under pcp is rally base rally and drop base drop. There is more of them but I prefer to use the RBR and DBD they are easy to use. They are also easy to spot in the market, that is why I want people to learn how to trade them simple. This one needs more attention so I am not going to use images instead I will leave a link to my video on youTube where I explain PCPs.

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